How We Invest

Roble Ventures is a future-of-work focused fund investing in technologies that enable people, teams, and organizations to achieve their most ambitious work. Our human-first approach combines deep sector expertise with the tenacity of our uncommon founders to unlock value in this multi-trillion dollar global market.

We exclusively invest in human enablement technologies.

We invest in founders and solutions connecting untapped human potential to the evolving demands of the modern workplace—greater transparency, collaboration, productivity & innovation:

Workplace Productivity Solutions

optimizing collaboration, efficiency, and transparency

Skills Development Technologies

aligning individual ambition with organizational growth

Employment Creation & Discovery Platforms

enabling determined talent to explore and manage more fulfilling ways of working

The UnicornS.

Our proven playbook has helped entrepreneurs quickly move from founding to IPO, generate over $8B in market value, and develop the business infrastructure to both adapt to and shape the future.

Year invested:
the company:

SaaS for business planning

the roble edge:

Board member, business model & GTM



Year invested:
the company:

Game-based learning platform

the roble edge:

Business development, KPIs & pricing strategy

Year invested:
the company:

Digital marketplace for lifelong learning

the roble edge:

Board member, recruiting & business development

We choose founders who choose humanity.

We fund uncommon founders powering uncommon returns. Trailblazers who pave the way for more collaborative and creative work. Innovators who have proven they can overcome obstacles and defy the status quo. Technologists who prioritize people because of their innate belief in humanity’s ability to build a better future of work.

We invest $200k-$2M in seed-stage startups creating cutting-edge human enablement technologies: Workplace Productivity Solutions, Skills Development Technologies, and Employment Creation & Discovery Platforms.

The vanguard.

Tiny Comet

Emily Tierney

Reengaging young learners with immersive educational gaming experiences


Pedro Siciliano

Doubling productivity for teachers with AI-enabled classroom assistant


Sriharsha Guduguntla

Training salespeople at all levels with AI-simulated customer calls


Marta Forero Sepúlveda

Leveling the playing field with LATAM’s breakthrough corporate learning platform

We use a proven, sector-specific approach.

Our singular focus, industry knowledge, and operational speed have a growing track record of turning uncommon ideas into billion dollar returns.

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We’re fueled by a singular passion.

100% of our investments create greater transparency, collaboration, productivity, & innovation in the workplace.

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We bet on the extraordinary.

We prioritize technologies that prioritize people—especially those who have been historically and systematically excluded.

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We move at the speed of our founders.

We respond to pitches within 5 business days and get our founders to market as quickly as they’re willing to go (9-12 months on average).

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We’re tech VCs who give a damn.

Founders choose us because of our sector success. Even if we don’t invest, 4/5 entrepreneurs praise our honesty, values, and actionable feedback.

How We Select

We invest in early stage entrepreneurs creating visionary technologies that make work more human. Here’s what you can expect from our investment selection process:



After you submit your pitch, we actively listen to your story, searching for ways your technology enables ambitious workplace productivity, skills development, and employment creation and discovery.



We schedule time to meet and better understand the distance you’ve traveled. We want to hear about your journey and vision for the future even more than your results.



Our team dives into everything you’ve sent us, debates your startup’s growth potential, and evaluates the impact that growth might have on humanity.



We solidify our investment decision and give you next steps.



We accelerate your journey to market, equipping you with real-time plays, unmatched operational speed, and access to our successful advisory board.

What You Get

We work for your success like humanity depends on it. Here are the sector-specific, personalized portfolio services we provide our entrepreneurs:

Human-first onboarding process where our teams meet and define areas where we can best support you

Exclusive access to portfolio-specific discounts and partnerships we’ve negotiated on your behalf

Hub of preferred providers and curated content to help you steer your company to success

Monthly check-ins and 1:1 matches to industry experts and operators in our Advisor Network

Advisor-led guidance on go-to-market strategies, KPIs and fundraising, and board composition and management

Real-time communication in whatever format works best for you, including virtual and in-person options

Our advisors will fight for you.

Meet the extraordinary business leaders who have a track record of returns and success in your industry and will bring you on the most ambitious journey to market you’re willing to take.

Brand & Marketing

Brand & Marketing

Greg Fant



Jim Kelliher

Executive Coach & Recruiting

Executive Coach & Recruiting

Keith Giarman



Lucy Mangas

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Paul Kim, PhD

Executive Coach

Executive Coach

S.K. Lee

Board Composition

Board Composition

Tom Bogan

Let's get to work.

We invest in early-stage entrepreneurs creating visionary technologies that make work more human.

"No other investor really goes out of their way like Roble ... The response speed, my God, is insane!"

Sriharsha Guduguntla

Co-Founder & CEO

"Sergio puts his money where his mouth is in terms of the companies Roble invests in, and I think that is relatively rare. He's always one of the first of my investors to respond to my questions, even when he's on the road. That's really helpful to me as a founder."

Jennifer Dulski

Founder & CEO

"It was really the focus on human enablement, and the commitment to learning the kinds of problems that I've spent my career working on, that drew me to Roble."

Charles Thornburgh

Co-Founder & CEO

"I just had the pleasure of meeting with Roble Ventures, and I feel compelled to say it's been the best investor conversation I've ever had ... You should teach a class that everyone in VC takes."

Lukas Simianer


"I think your venture firm is doing a great job with accessibility, ease of communication, and candid feedback to founders in a friendly way. You are way ahead of the curve."

Anonymous Founder Feedback